The World Champion Standard


1) Exercise Pathophysiology TM

2) Medical School From the Street TM

3) Training, Nutrition and Recovery (TNR)

Exercise Pathophysiology

Dr. Brent Kay is the Founder of the revolutionary and groundbreaking field of Exercise Pathophysiology (EP), which investigates how high intensity exercise training and competition creates a cascade of disordered biologic processes throughout your body. EP evaluates the process of inflammation and how it results in dysfunctional organ systems, hormonal imbalances, inflamed tissues, cellular destruction, molecular dissociation and more. Further inspection of the many inflammatory mediators (cytokines, interleukins, tumor necrosis factor, and others) creates a framework for the identification of these maladaptive and dysfunctional outcomes and, more importantly, how we can treat, prevent and control them.

EP connects these complex chemical and biological reactions to your training, nutrition and recovery. EP provides practical, understandable and useful answers the to many questions associated with heavy training stress. The ideas and concepts of EP present the deepest understanding of the human body under the stress of high intensity exercise training and competition, and forms the true basis for deciding how much you should train, what you should eat and how long you should recover.



Medical School From The Street

Medical School, From the Street, is designed to give you an understandable, practical and useful blueprint of how your body works. Medical school students learn early on about the anatomy and physiology (the structure and function) of the human body, and we’ve modified this educational experience to give you an overview with critical concepts and insights on how this relates to you and your health, fitness, and performance.

Presented in an entertaining multimedia format, this course consists of a review of every major organ system and musculoskeletal joint, the what, how, when and why of everything that runs you. Understanding how the body works is the first and most important step in attaining peak performance.



TNR (Training, Nutrition, and Recovery)


We begin the TNR section by looking closely at time courses, specifically the time it takes for muscles, tendons, bones and joints to adapt to the stress of hard training. These range from hours to day, weeks, months and even years, lack of understanding in this area is the number one reason athletes develop training related injuries. A lack of understanding in this particular training area is the number one reason athletes develop training-related injuries. Borrowing from calculus the mathematical concepts of differentiation and integration, our training section dissects the critical time factors that dictate getting stronger or breaking down, giving athletes the tools to avoid training-related injuries.

The training section continues with critical decision making and how to choose the best and avoid the worst in training. Utilizing basic statistical analysis in decision making along with another mathematical fact: a negative (a poor choice) times a negative (NOT choosing the poor choice) equals a (massive) positive, producing the most optimal results.

The nutritional section looks closely at your nutrient density, requirements, and timing, along with your microbiome, metabolic toxins, blood glucose control and monitors. Sports nutrition can frequently become more of a religion, and not a good one, and the WCS explores the fundamentals of solid nutrition and building a foundation for nutritional success that all athletes can appreciate and follow.

The holy grail of all athletic training and competition, recovery lies at the heart of all. In the recovery section we double back on the many principles covered in exercise pathophysiology and explore practical ways to mitigate the destructive effects of inflammatory mediators, cell death and necrotizing fatigue. Monitoring training and response to load serve as the foundation of decision making that drives best choices when it comes to recovery. By creating practical ways to monitor, control, treat and prevent the fire that burns within, the WCS brings training, nutrition, and recovery all together in a package fit for any athlete.