The Hard Course

The HARD Course is just that, HARD. Our flagship product The HARD Course is a one day, 20 hour live online program designed to change your life, training, and performance. The goal is to give you the big picture all in one day! The WCS is presented in an entertaining multimedia format with over 500 pictures, charts and graphs and results in the World Champion Standard Certification, as in certified HARD. This course is strictly for hard people that like to do hard things.

The Hard Course Topics

1)  Exercise Pathophysiology







Inflammatory Mediators




Survival genes



2)  Medical School From the Street

General Medicine









Infectious disease

Critical decision making

Sports Medicine and Orthopedics











3)  Training, Nutrition and Recovery (TNR)

Critical Decision making

Differentiation and Integration

Exercise Physiology

Muscular strength and endurance


Energy metabolism

Nutrient timing and requirements

Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats

Recovery nutrition

Blood sugar



Leaky Gut syndrome

Metabolic toxins

Recovery monitoring

Inflammatory mediators

Athletic Disease State (ADS)

Recovery techniques

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The HARD Course was designed to fix the problems associated with the information age--that is, the seemingly endless details and sub-specializations within athletic training, the countless wasted hours obsessing over trivial matters, and the time and energy wasted on the fear of missing out, which often leads to negative results, too. The HARD Course will stamp big picture across your forehead. Reprogram your mind, change your training, change your game, and perfect your performance. This program is evidence and experience based, we'll show you what really matters.

Composed of thirty lectures and over 500 pictures, charts and graphs, The HARD Course takes a sweeping approach to all the major parts of your game, prioritizing what is important and discarding the rest. We’ll take you out of the ruts in your mind that keep you mired in fear and replace it with confidence. We’ll show you the big picture, what really matters, where to focus your attention, what to keep and what to let go. We’ll show you how the World Champion Athletes do it. You will CHANGE in one day.

Designed by the Expert Generalist Sports Medicine Physician, Dr. Brent Kay, the HARD course is based on over 30 years of hands-on coaching, training, directing and medical care provided to well over 100 World Champion athletes across a wide range of sports. Synthesizing all the Knowledge gained from sports as diverse as football, triathlon, mixed martial arts, track & field, baseball, cycling, lacrosse and golf, because here is where the secret lies, World Champion Athletes do many of the same things, regardless of their sport. They know how their bodies work, they live their lives right, they train right, they eat right, and they recover right.

Why 20 hours? In 1987 during his time in medical school at the University of Oregon, Dr. Kay set out to do the Hawaii Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. A grueling affair: a 2.4-mile swim in the pacific ocean, 112 mile bike ride through lava fields and a 26.2 marathon run in the blistering heat and humidity. To prepare he would rise at 4 AM every day and train for 1-2 hours before school, however this would certainly not be enough to make it to Kona.

So, he came up with 20-hour study day. Every Saturday without exception, Dr. Kay would study intensely from 4 AM to midnight. This would give him six hours to train on Sunday morning while maintaining the 100-hour work week that his medical studies demanded. And, for the next two years, Sunday meant a twenty mile run or 100 mile bike ride

He finished the 1989 Hawaii Ironman World Championship Triathlon while graduating near the top of his class and finishing his studies early. Shortly after, he began his Internal Medicine residency training and, in addition to daily 12-hour shifts, this required regular 36-hour shifts, twice a week for the next three years. A 20-hour study day had never looked so easy!

If he can do it, so can you. Take the dive and sign up today!

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