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A comprehensive, in-depth look at the medical science behind the World’s greatest athletes, created for athletes, coaches, sport scientists and anyone who wants to improve their health, fitness and athletic performance.

Created by Brent W. Kay M.D. and based on his work with over 100 World Champion Athletes, the World Champion Standard (WCS) takes us into a new dimension of exercise science by taking a deep dive into the lives of the world’s best athletes. Featuring the creation of our new and groundbreaking field of Exercise Pathophysiology, we focus on the sport science of how your body works, how it really works. With a heavy emphasis on the medical science of everything that is you, our multidisciplinary approach draws concepts and insights from the fields of medicine, neuroscience, differential calculus, artificial intelligence, quantum theory and more. But the WCS is written by the athlete, for the athlete, in the language of the athlete: understandable, practical, and useful.

When it comes to athletic training and sports performance, there is a hidden, unseen and forbidden world out there. An exclusive club for exclusive people. World Champion Athletes live world champion lives, and they do most of it in secret. These secrets are their livelihood, these secrets are what make them the very best. They are private and don’t lend themselves to scientific study. Make no mistake about it, nobody is getting the recipe for the secret sauce. Until now.

As a sport science Expert Generalist with 30+ years working with World Champion Athletes, Dr. Kay has created the WCS to give you the big picture of what it takes to be your best. The WCS pulls together the most important information on the most important topics to give you The Standard by which World Champion Athletes live their lives, both in and out of the competitive arena.

Our flagship program, The HARD Course, is divided into three sections and starts with our revolutionary field of Exercise Pathophysiology, this looks at what goes wrong inside your body when you train and compete hard. Why do we get tired, sore, injured, and burnt out? Why don’t we get the results we want? Why do we fail and give up, but most importantly, how can we control, prevent, and treat this process?

The next section is Medical School From the Street, this a no nonsense education on how your body works, broken down by each internal organ system and all the major musculoskeletal joints. Dr. Kay’s unique expertise in both Internal and Sports Medicine provides a deep understanding of how everything works together, particularly when it comes to your preparation and performance.

The third section is our Training, Nutrition, and Recovery (TNR), and how World Champion athletes get this right by applying a comprehensive and integrated approach. Building on the first two sections, TNR presents a new model for your preparation and competition and for those looking to stay on the leading edge of sports science and peak performance, TNR is the leading edge.

Additional Focus Areas

This program also provides information about:





Inflammatory Mediators

Critical Decision-Making


Survival Genes

We include topics like these to keep you in the loop and up to date with cutting-edge advancements in athletic performance.

It's your chance to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the ever-evolving world of sports science.

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